We develop bridges between clouds and API infrastructures.


Areas of Expertise

Serverless development

We will build for you software solutions that interconnect your already existing legacy systems deployed on AWS and Azure.

No more servers, no more virtual machines, let just (micro)services/serverless interact and play the game.

psd2 & financial APIs

Given our expertise in the fintech field, we have had to interact with multiple APIs providers to create new services for our customers.
We have a deep understanding of PSD2 APIs, ISO 20022 file formats and payment mechanisms.

DEVOPS - azure & aws

Our software development and IT operations teams are tightly coupled. Both do understand that building modern software relies on their deepest collaboration, communication and integration.
Inter-dependencies between cloud solutions, technologies, legacy systems, and SAAS require a state of mind every exthander has.

IT Architecture

We help you define and setup the best cloud architecture given your already existing IT infrastructure, your current software solutions, costs and security considerations.
Nowadays, no more companies rely on one cloud provider. We do the link !

Secure software development lifecycle

Being agile, lean is now part of the game. Being secure should. SSDLC is a framework of processes to effectively and securely design software solutions.It ensures that security assurance activities such as penetration testing, code review, and architecture analysis are an integral part of the development effort.

software architecture

We do software (back-ends, mobile and web apps) since 25 years. Being agile and able to understand every deepest needs of our customers is part of our ADN.
We have a MVP approach: start small, live check, adapt and go ahead.